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Why should you choose cunifer?

Cunifer is a special alloy. It consists of copper, nickel and iron, which makes it a very strong and durable material. It is often used in pipelines that are build offshore or pipelines that transport corrosive materials. Cunifer also has anti-fouling properties, which makes it difficult for micro-organisms, such as barnacles and funghi, to attach onto its surface. This is why cunifer is a popular choice for maritime projects. Do you want to use cunifer pipes for your project? Check out the available sizes of PipingMarket.eu. They have many sizes readily available, that you can order online.

The advantages of a 5D bend

When a pipeline transports corrosive substances or is placed within a corrosive environment, it is important to have thick diameter of pipes. This prevents corrosion from corroding through the materials. In this case, a 5D bend is a very useful material. The size of a 5D bend is five times larger than a standard bend. This makes them last for a very long time and thus very suitable to offshore projects. Many suppliers do not carry this type of bend in stock and it is produced on demand for your project. However, at PipingMarket.eu, you can buy a 5D bend from their standard stock online. They carry these special items readily available.

Are you looking for information on different pipe parts?

Are you working on a new piping project or perhaps a pipeline broke down and it requires replacement parts? Then PipingMarket.eu is the online store for you. They have many different kinds of pipes, fittings and other materials available. Each product has extensive product data available. Do you want additional information? Then do not hesitate to contact their helpdesk. They are always willing to advise you on your piping project or any other piping questions that you might have.