What does toxicologic pathology entail?


Toxicological pathology is one of many fields of medical science. It combines two areas of study. The first, pathology, which studies diseases. The second is that of toxicology, or the study of chemicals, and their effect on humans, animals and the natural environment. So, what exactly does this entail? It means that toxicologic pathology aims to identify hazards and assesses potential risk when humans and nature are exposed to certain substances which may prove to be harmful or toxic. As such, as toxicologic pathologist often works in the pharmaceutical and medical industry as well as in government or academic institutions, to carry out their work.

Why toxicologic pathology is important

Toxicologic pathology is vital to assess how safe vaccines and chemicals are before they can be used. Neglecting proper safety assessment of chemical has led to various disasters in the previous centuries. Some examples of dangerous substances gone unnoticed before release for general use are the teratogenic effects of thalidomide, as well as carcinogenic compounds from pesticides like DTT, which eventually found their way in the human diet. By using pathologic pathology, Global Pathology Support B.V. can predict important adverse side effects from medicinal substances, to ensure they are safe to be used in clinical trials.

Consultancy company specialized in toxicologic pathology

Do you require the services of an experienced and certified pathologist? In that case, Global Pathology Support B.V. is the perfect place to look. This is a Dutch-based consultancy company, founded in 2004. It specializes in safety assessments of products developed by the pharmaceutical and chemical industries who seek to register their products. Next to toxicologic pathology, they also offer services according to the REACH agreement. This entails a safety evaluation of chemicals to ensure they comply with OECD-guidelines. To make all this possible, they have a team of several experienced toxicologic pathologists with extensive education and training. As such, the company is a member of The Society of Toxicologic Pathologists and has been so since 1993. So, do not hesitate this company to discuss the possibilities for testing your products.