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Fast cleaning for laser-clean anilox rollers

Anilox rollers and anilox roller sleeves with a total width of up to 1500 mm and up to 300 mm in diameter (other anilox roller sizes possible on request) can be cleaned quickly and easily with the laser systems. A 1360 mm wide anilox roller is e.g. cleaned within 35 min. There is no preparation time, while cleaning can be devoted to other tasks. The anilox roller is immediately ready for use after the cleaning process.

The process does not require any consumables; There are no costs for chemical cleaning agents or chemical additives. No water is required, there is no hazardous waste to dispose of. Regardless of which color or lacquer system is used: UV, solvent, water or two-component ink or lacquer residues can be removed from all cup shapes.

The optimal parameters for gentle deep cleaning are selected fully automatically for each anilox roller based on the line and the scooping volume; the optimal parameters are saved with the anilox roller number. To start the cleaning process, the anilox roller number is entered and laser cleaning is started at the push of a button.


lately I’ve noticed that paint sticks to the vinyl blanket, which wasn’t the case at first. I remember that an instructor from HD once said that if this should be the case, the cells are closed or they no longer have the original volume. Now the question: Which cleaning products for anilox rollers do you use and what is your experience with them? I also looked around the web and came across Recyl Clean Cobra. Does anyone use it? Are stainless steel brushes really easy to use on a ceramic roller? I don’t want to break anything.

I can remember that in my training company we had such a cleaner, with a consistency similar to hair gel, which was applied to the roller over a large area and left to act overnight. The next morning, a green-blue, foamy slime formed, which you could wash down with a lot of water. After that, the anilox roller was like new again. I just can’t remember what the stuff was called, otherwise I would have ordered it long ago. However, it was also extremely expensive and only available on allocation.

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